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Autumn update

It’s been a busy Autumn for Southbourne Farm Shop; during September we held two tasting events (“Tasty Fridays”, as they become known, worldwide…) in which we gathered a selection of our suppliers and invited them to come to the farm shop, and meet our customers and offer samples of their delicious products. The response from both the suppliers and our customers was fantastic, and it’s something that we certainly hope to do again. The tasting events gave us the opportunity to introduce some fantastic new product ranges, which we now stock on a regular basis. These include Seed & Sage brownies, Tom Parker Creamery iced coffee and chocolate milk, Summerdown Mint chocolates, and Froghollow Catering’s all-natural energy bites.

We also took part in Emsworth’s “A Food for Thought” food market at the beginning of October. This was the first time that Southbourne Farm Shop has gone mobile and sprouted a mini offspring in another location! Our stall offered chutneys, cakes, a selection of our finest handmade artisan loaves, and our ever-popular cheese straws. (We apologise if we have created new cheese straw addicts in the Emsworth area.)


October also saw the arrival of  a new addition to the farm shop family. Conrad the horse is eight years old, and extremely friendly. His hobbies include munching carrots and good conversation. We’ve been looking for a new horse ever since our much-loved Simba passed away earlier in the year. Our other horse Christie is very pleased to have a new companion, and already Conrad and Christie seem to have a good bond. Next time you are at the farm, pop in and ask us for a couple of free carrots – Conrad and Christie will become your friends for life!