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New products round-up

Time for an update on some new products that we have recently added to our shelves, from locations far and wide! We think you’ll like them.

Just across the Solent, The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight have steadily been increasing their garlic-themed range of products made using their own-grown garlic. We’ve made some new additions to our stock, including Apple, Fig & Garlic Chutney, Mint Sauce with a hint of Garlic, Creamy Horseradish with Garlic, and Roast Garlic Jam. Truly unique, and exceptional quality.

New additions from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm

New additions from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm

Our Swedish Crispbreads from Peter’s Yard have been a huge hit with our customers since we added them to our shelves. Peter’s Yard is an artisan Swedish bakery established in Edinburgh, producing well-crafted baked goods using traditional Swedish recipes. The crispbreads will complement a wide selection of sweet or savoury dishes, and are made using only natural ingredients (sourdough, milk, rye flour, whole wheat flour, and honey).

Swedish Crispbreads from Peter's Yard

Swedish Crispbreads from Peter’s Yard

Stonewall Kitchen produce a huge selection of specialist food in America, and one of our suppliers is now able to import a few choice products to us here in the UK, such as the Pulled Pork Simmering Sauce, which adds a smoky flavour and aroma when simmered slowly with a pork joint, and the Buffalo Wing Sauce, a spicy hot tangy sauce made famous in New York. The Spicy Corn Relish comes highly recommended; it adds a real kick to burgers and hot dogs, or simply use a delicious dip for tortillas.

Stonewall Kitchen

A taste of America!

Easy Bean’s award-winning Chickpea Crispbread offers a gluten-free healthy snack packed with protein and virtually fat free. Great for dipping, or snap into chunky pieces for a delicious nibble!

Chickpea Crispbread from Easy Bean

Chickpea Crispbread from Easy Bean

We’ve stocked a popular range of food products from The Bay Tree (based in Somerset) for many years here at Southbourne Farm Shop, but we couldn’t resist adding these two marinated lovelies to our range; Marinated Miniature Figs in rum and white syrup, and Marinated Apricots in smooth Gin and lemon. Both are delicious with ice cream or yogurt.

Marinated deliciousness from The Bay Tree

Marinated deliciousness from The Bay Tree

We’re always on the look out for exciting new products to add to our shelves, so look out for more updates soon.