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The latest loaf

50/50 Bran loaf

The Bran-Encrusted 50/50 loaf, straight from the oven

Our in-house baker has recently created a new addition to our exclusive Artisan bread range, the Bran-Encrusted 50/50 loaf.  Made with equal quantities of white and wholemeal flours for a good balance of texture and flour, the loaf is rolled in oat bran for added goodness and crunch.

Other freshly baked loaves include the Crusty White, Overnight Brown, Malted Barley, Five Seeded White, and the Southbourne Wild Sourdough.

Our Artisan bread selection is baked every morning Tuesdays through to Saturdays. If you would like a particular loaf reserved for collection (they can sell out fast!), call us on 01243 377521.