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Unbeatable local tomatoes!

The locally grown fresh tomatoes from Eric Wall Nursery (near Chichester) are here again, vibrant in colour with a soft juicy texture. There are several varieties available, including Elegance, a large round tomato on the vine, and Sophie-Jane: an extremely popular cherry vine tomato with a supersweet taste, ideal to snack on and certainly more delicious than any sweets!

Eric Wall Ltd is a family run business, established in 1977. Over the years they have incorporated new growing techniques and invested in new glasshouses. Rainwater is collected from the glasshouses and stored in a reservoir, which is then used to irrigate the crops. Reed beds have been added to the reservoir to encourage swans and ducks to nest, and there are further plans to create a small wetland area.

Elegance: one of the tomato varieties from Eric Wall Nursery

Elegance: one of the tomato varieties from Eric Wall Nursery

Predatory insects are used to control pests rather than pesticide, and bumble bees are used to polinate the plants. Each hive population consists of one queen, with the rest being female workers.

This environmentally-friendly environment produces a crop of superb tomatoes, which we are able to sell in our farm shop most of the year.