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Introducing Gracie & Lola

This week we are pleased to have two new additions to our modest collection of animals: Gracie and Lola, two longhorn cattle. They were both born towards the end of 2010, and will grow considerably larger over time. Despite being initially quite timid, they have soon become friends with our two highland cows, although our two horses Simba and Christie are still being a little cautious about the new arrivals.

The gallery below displays a selection of photos that were taken when they first arrived at our farm. Click on an image to view fullscreen size. When you are next visiting the farm shop, be sure to look out for Gracie and Lola!

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Damp hooves

The heavy downpours today caused severe flooding on the A259 road adjacent to the farm shop, with some cars finding themselves submerged in the deep water. It has certainly been the worst flooding we have seen in all the years that the shop has been here.

Our horses also had to contend with more water than they may have liked, as shown below.