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Meadow Cottage ice cream

There have been some recent additions to the range of Meadow Cottage ice cream flavours available. Situated on the Surrey/Hampshire borders, Meadow Cottage Farm is the home of the Haynes family and their “Weydown” Herd of Pedigree Jerseys who together produce some of the finest dairy products in the country!

The award-winning ice cream is available in flavours listed below. If ever you cannot find the flavour you would like in the shop, ask a member of staff. If it’s not in stock, we can order it in for you!

Ice cream flavours:

Simply unflavoured
Crème caramel
Vanilla & ginger
Apricot & mango
Chocolate mint crisp
Butter toffee
Summer fruits
Morello cherry
Honey & lavender
Pistachio & almond
Rum & raisin
Hazelnut praline
Maple & pecan