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New faces in the freezer

Some recent additions to our Field Fare frozen food range: Seafood chowder (pictured) is a rich and creamy soup filled with potatoes, scallops, plaice, salmon and prawns. It tastes great warmed through and served with chunky bread, OR it can be warmed and stirred into cooked pasta.

Also new, stewpack vegetables (carrot, swede, turnip, onion, celery) offer a convenient way to put together a warming stew to beat the winter chill, and our veggie burgers are a great alternative to the usual meat-fillings you would expect in a burger.

Finally, our bacon and onion suet puddings offer a very generous portion of succulent chunks of gammon in a creamy white onion, cider & rosemary sauce. Now doesn’t that sound good?

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February’s local produce

This time of year there isn’t the abundance of local fruit and veg produce that you would find at most other times, but nevertheless there are some vegetables that are resilient to the current weather, and the What’s In Season page has been updated with details on what we are able to source locally at present.

Besides fruit and vegetables, we do of course stock a wide range of other local produce, including organic milk from Goodwood, fresh bread daily from Westbourne Bakery, apple juice from Chichester, and a variety of locally-made frozen meals, quiche, cakes, and desserts.