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100% Natural fibre bags

Jute bag

Our Southbourne Farm Shop 100% natural fibre bags are back in stock, and offer a practical alternative to having carrier bags for your shopping. They are strong, durable and of course better for the environment.

In addition, all our polythene carrier bags are now biodegradeable, so if you DO require a carrier bag, the good news is that it won’t be filling a landfill site for decades to come.

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A meaty update

First, here is some additional information regarding stock for Christmas orders. Fresh turkeys can be ordered up to 24lb in weight (approx 11 kilo). Chicken is available from 5-10lb, goose 8-14lb, and duck 4-7lb. If you are unsure what size of bird to order, we are happy to make suggestions according to how many people you are planning to feed.

Our butcher now stocks us with oven ready fresh English pheasants. Additionally, our special “Christmas recipe” pork sausage meat has made a return, available in our freezer cabinets.

This is also a good time to mention our regular supply of “alternative meats” from Kezie Foods. We stock burgers and sausages in the following flavours: ostrich, kangaroo, wild boar with apple, and wild boar with honey and thyme. They each offer exciting alternative tastes, as well as health benefits. For example, ostrich is a red meat that is low in fat and can be used in traditional red meat dishes.