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Know your potatoes

This is a good time of year for potatoes, with a variety available to choose from. The latest arrival is Marfona potatoes, grown locally. With a smooth waxy texture, Marfona are popular for boiling, and an excellent choice as a baking potato.

King Edward potatoes are more floury rather than waxy; a good potato for creamy mash, roasting, or for making chips. Its white skin with spots of pink colouration make it an easy potato to identify.

A superb versatile potato that has recently been added to our shelves is Melody (particularly recommended for mash). We also still stock the locally grown Wilja potatoes, an excellent all-rounder from Chidham. Very soon now we will have the local red Desiree potatoes available.

All the above potatoes can be purchased in small amounts in our shop, or as a full sack.