Southbourne Farm Shop

A family-run shop filled with fresh local produce

20170120_103700Established 1982, we are a family-run shop selling fresh local produce. We also have our own in-house bakery.

The range of produce in our shop includes fresh fruit and veg from local growers, Artisan bread from our own bakery, local cakes, quiche and desserts, organic milk and cheese from Goodwood Estate, quality meat and cheese from our locally-based butcher, and much more including your everyday grocery requirements.

We stock animal and bird feed, flowers and plants, logs, kindling, house coal and bales of our own hay and straw. There is a fishmonger in our car park on Tuesdays and Fridays between 10:00am-2:00pm. We are open seven days a week with ample free parking.

fb_img_1486283096126Our produce

We stock a bountiful selection of fresh quality produce in our Farm Shop, our intention being to offer delicious and diverse products that you may not find elsewhere, while at the same time ensuring you can buy all your weekly essentials as part of your shopping visit.

Local fruit and vegetables
There are several local farmers that supply us with fresh produce each morning, including potatoes, cauliflowers and other veg from growers in Chidham and Warblington, watercress from Hambrook, juicy tomatoes from Chichester, seasonal apples and more. We try to obtain as much locally-grown produce as possible.

Fresh bread baked here daily, and from Westbourne Bakery
We have our own bakery on-site offering freshly baked Artisan loaves, usually on a Tuesday – Saturday of each week. Loaves include Malted Barley, Five-seeded White, Ciabatta and the Southbourne Wild sourdough loaf. Visit our bakery page for the latest bake information.

The bakery in the neighbouring village of Westbourne bakes fresh bread each morning, and provides us with many different loaves, as well as a selection of cakes and rolls. We are happy to accept weekly standing orders, if there is a particular loaf you would like put aside for you when the delivery arrives in the morning.

Dairy produce
Fresh organic milk and cheese from the Goodwood Estate, a range of cheeses from High Weald Dairy (West Sussex) and other cheeses from further afield including a continental selection.

Chutneys, jams and preserves
Our shelves are lined with many, many different jams, chutneys and preserves. Besides all the usual flavours you would expect, we have temptations such as vintage orange marmalade, Victoria plum preserve, caramelised onion chutney, and the extremely popular onion relish.

Quality meat
Our butcher provides a great variety of fresh meat (cooked and uncooked), and ready-made pies, pasties and sausage rolls. We also stock Treagust’s sausages, pies and pasties, made in neighbouring Emsworth.

Many, many cakes
We have a selection of homemade cakes made locally from Country Delights, and temptations from other suppliers including Farmhouse Cookery and the Fab Food Company. You may find it hard to leave the shop without a cake in your hand!

Flowers and plants
We sell bouquets of local flowers and some from further afield, and offer a free wrapping service, if you require flowers as a gift. We also have seasonal displays of plants and shrubs for your garden.

And that’s not all…
The Farm Shop stocks locally made quiche and cheesecakes, an incredibly popular range of Field Fare frozen produce, local ice creams, pet food supplies, fresh farm eggs, greetings cards, and all your other grocery needs. We always strive to add exciting new products, but our main intention is to stock quality goods, with an emphasis on offering local produce.